Regardless if you’ve been maintaining your septic system for quite some time now or you’re a new homeowner, there are some things you may never realize that could be the cause of your septic issues. Here are some of the tips according to the Department of Health:

Guests and Visitors

Though it might seem a bit harsh, there are times when your visitors just do now know what the right etiquette is when they are in another’s home. Moreover, the additional guests would also lead you to notice an overuse or increase of wastewater. This could also occur once you run several machines at a time,

Rain and hurricane seasons

This is one of the factors that must be taken seriously by residents. Whether it is the rain’s saturation that affects the septic system or physical damage from a severe hurricane that causes septic issues, it is best to take similar approaches as you would take once you have guests. You must stop running several machines simultaneously. Moreover, do not rinse or flush anything down the drain that you think could cause clogging.

Septic Pumping and maintenance

If you’re living in an area that rarely has snow or cold climate, you are lucky because you won’t be dealing with busted or freezing pipes. Because of this, similar to all septic tanks, it could be full and would require to get pumped. That is why it is always recommended to have your septic tank pumped every 3 up to 5 years.

System build and design

It could be due to the fact that the system is poorly built from the start or just aging, particularly if you have already been done septic care and regular maintenance for your septic system. Once your septic system is improperly designed or installed, it is already problematic from the start. Other usual design and construction issues that can be observed in the unsuccessful septic system include too thin soil layers, grading that’s too steep for the system to properly function, poor construction, inadequate sizing, and installing in weak soils. Ultimately, to install a septic system once the soils are compacted after home construction or oversaturated with moisture could result in its failure eventually,

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