Summertime is fast approaching and that means weekends will be filled with picnic food, cookouts, barbecues and of course, burgers!

Burgers, as we know, are a quick meal, and most of us like to have some bits of fast-food burgers like the Burgers Los Angeles.

Burger new recipes are now becoming a trend. You can use different types of meat other than beef and your condiments could be with different ingredients.

But how about your burger buns? Here we provide you the top 5 Bun alternatives for your burgers

1.Sweet Potato

Toasted sweet potato is a great bun alternative because of many reasons. First, it provides a sweet flavor in your burger – a chance to have a new flavor dimension. Second, sweet potatoes have a firm structure that is good for holding the patty and the condiments. Third and last, they are a source of good complex carbs.

We advise you to slice a large sweet potato in quarter-inch slices.

2.Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello Mushrooms are oftentimes a meat substitute for your patties. However, they can also be a burger bun! It is big and sturdy enough to hold things together. Also, their shape surprisingly looks like a burger bun. All you just need to do is to brush dome olive oil and favorite herbs.


I know, eggplant bun is not common. However, the flavor and its texture are a surprisingly good substitute for the traditional buns. Aside from that, eggplant Is rich in antioxidants like chlorogenic acid and other vitamins and minerals like thiamine, copper, and fiber. These work in any type of diet like paleo, vegan, gluten-free, and keto.

All you need to do is to slice large eggplants and slightly grill before putting in your patty and sauce.

4. Fresh Lettuce and Other Green Leaves

We all know lettuce is known to be a good ingredient in your bun together with your mayo, ketchup, and cheese. And making them as good burger buns is no news at all. A lettuce wrapper is firm enough to hold the sauce and juicy patty. Any variety of lettuce is okay but if you want a sturdier leaf, use romaine. Romaine lettuce is a source of potassium, fiber and vitamins C and K. You can go with the classic iceberg lettuce or mix it up with an Asian-style burger.

Aside from lettuce, you can also add other leaf alternatives like collard.

5. High Fiber Tortillas

When you do not want to have a vegetable alternative and are craving a bready bun, a tortilla is a great choice. Just like a bun, the tortilla provides a firm hold for your patty and sauce in a nice, neat package. And because tortillas are high in fiber and low in sugar than the traditional buns, it keeps your tummy healthy and your sugar intake in check.

You see, burger recipes do not need to be restricted with a bread bun alone. Aside from the five bun alternatives we provided you, you can be more creative and try other alternatives you can find.