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The concept of GroupScript is really simple.
We call it group buying power.

If enough people join a campaign, they will all enjoy a special discount. If there arenā€™t enough people, the deal doesnā€™t happen.

By having more people join a deal, we get bigger discounts.


  • Ability to post new deals with the following info:
    ā€¢ deal info
    ā€¢ end date/time countdown,
    ā€¢ min/max order per user
    ā€¢ max order per deal (if reached, deal is closed)
    ā€¢ discount in percentage
    ā€¢ purchases/purchases needed to activate deal.
    ā€¢ Original price/price after discount
  • Option to share the deal via email, facebook and twitter
  • Option to refer a friend and get a reward (once when friend bought anything deal). Ability to track manage affiliates
  • Option to discuss deals on the siteā€™s forum ā€“ for admins to give clear feedback to customers
  • Info about the total number of grouponā€™s bought
  • Integrated forum
  • Option to add/choose cities
  • Page manager. Possibility to add/edit static pages
  • Facilitate users to sign-up for a daily e-mail alert
  • Secure payments with PayPal
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro can now be used to accept credit cards.
  • Site allows to save all buyer info into a CSV file for both admin and company.
  • Companies can open their own accounts and add campaigns.
  • Google maps.
  • Integrated twitter last posts.
  • Partners can follow progress of their campaigns from their own section.
  • Possible to buy coupon for a friend.
  • Credit System.
  • The deals now last until a maximum number of coupons is reached or the deal reaches end date. The deal still tips at minimum required coupons sold.
  • Internationalization enhancements ā€“ site visitors can now register accounts that contain full range of Unicode characters, instead of latin alpha-characters.
  • If there is no deal at the moment, the last active deal is displayed.
  • A graphic reports (charts) of registered users & sales. (NEW)
  • Users can upload a profile picture and admin can specify a default one for all users (NEW)
  • Payments are displayed in backend and can be filtered by deal or by date (NEW)
  • payment gateway (NEW)
  • Multiple coupons can be bought at once(NEW)


  • Admins can log in to admin area
  • Admins can manage users
  • Admins can view complete list of users, can delete,edit them.
  • Admins can schedule a deal
  • Admins can create deals by filling starting date, duration of the deal (in hours, could be more
    than 24h), price/number of buyers required, original price, minimal number of groupons.
  • Admins can manage lists of deals, cancel scheduled or active deals.
  • Admins can view a printable list of purchased coupons for specific deal.
  • Ability to define multiple cities/platforms, so the user can switch between the cities.
  • Ability to create new coupons independently for each city/platform.
  • When a deal is over or sold out before, it is still displayed on the front page, but users cannot buy it anymore.
  • Report to see through the console, all buyers and their contact details of any coupon.
  • A list of tracking Ids for specific deal, handed to the Merchant for the purpose of preventing abuse (printable version and specific account for merchant).
  • The ability to download data into a CSV file for any ā€˜Dealā€™ with Statistics.
  • Ability to create multiple administration accounts with different rights.
  • Ability to filter deals by their status.
  • Administrators can export data about deals from site backend.
  • User credits can be assigned and removed for individual users, a list of userā€™s credit history. (NEW)
  • Added ability to use SSL for checkout pages (for PayPal Website Payments Pro & (NEW)
  • Ability to specify Google Analytics ID which is then automatically added to all templates (NEW)

Server requirements:

PHP version 5 or higher
GD2 extension
CURL extension
PHP memory limit >=32Mb
MySQL extension
Gettext extension
PCRE extension
Ability to run cronjobs
Zend Optimizer installed

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